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Alexander Mehran, Sr., Chairman of the Board, and Alex Mehran Jr., President and CEO, Sunset Development Company
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Roy Carauta, Assistant Chief Engineer, Bishop Ranch
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Proven track record

When Masud Mehran founded Sunset Development Company in 1951, a sign that read “San Ramon, Population 100” could still be found at the edge of town. Decades later, San Ramon is a full-fledged city and Sunset’s leadership is in the capable hands of Masud’s grandson, Alex, who oversees Bishop Ranch, City Center Bishop Ranch and the forthcoming CityWalk. Along the way, they’ve maintained close ties to the city and their tenants, creating a business destination unlike any other in the Bay Area.

I’ve been with Sunset for 35 years. Masud was a great inspiration. He had an uncanny ability to make things very clear with very few sentences. Bishop Ranch has adapted to the times. When you have something that is family-oriented, there is a connection and a personal investment versus a large corporation that you work for 20 years and never get to meet the CEO in person. Management has stayed very engaged and accessible to employees and tenants, even as they have grown so much.

Roy Carauta
Assistant Chief Engineer
Bishop Ranch

Bishop Ranch: The New Work Dictionary

About Bishop Ranch

Bishop Ranch, home to companies large and small for more than four decades, today is a thriving multidimensional community with a modern downtown and easy access to outdoor activities. Most recently, development has begun on the first of its residential communities.

More than 600 companies have chosen to locate and build their futures here, drawn by the high quality of the buildings in their park-like settings and by the long list of amenities that sets Bishop Ranch apart: award-winning transportation options, a world-class conference center, a range of medical services, health and wellness programs, a weekly farmers market—and so much more. Offering an unmatched range of programs and services is central to the goal of enhancing the personal as well as the professional in every employee’s life.

And with City Center Bishop Ranch, the luminous Renzo Piano-designed open-air center, San Ramon boasts an inviting downtown with unique shopping, dining and entertainment options. Do a few laps in the rooftop pool at Equinox, before or after some shopping around the one-acre Alexander Square. Enjoy a filet at LB Steak, a bowl of pho at The Slanted Door, or a cold one on the patio at Fieldwork Brewing. Or maybe an afternoon scoop with the family at Salt & Straw. The square invites you to wander, to linger, to discover.

Lastly, with the recent commencement of CityWalk, residential neighborhoods are being added to complete the vision of the modern, holistic community, making Bishop Ranch among the region’s most desirable places to live. The initial phases of CityWalk, an easily walkable, vibrant community, will welcome residents in fall 2023 and over the years total 5,600 homes. CityWalk will be a beautiful, pedestrian-friendly, transit-oriented district where people can shop, dine, socialize and enjoy proximity to the outdoors—all while making their homes within a short walk or bike ride from the workplace.

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Bishop Ranch: The New Work Dictionary

Why a dictionary?

When you can’t find the words you’re looking for, invent your own.

More and more, employees want flexibility in the way they work and offices that are as convenient as their homes. We wanted a language that reflects these ideals. Professional yet personal. Technical but accessible. And most importantly, very now.

Bishop Ranch has always believed that a fulfilling work life starts at home. And now the research supports it. When employees are provided with the opportunity to buy a home, build a family and envision a future for themselves, they are more productive.

We need office space that allows us to achieve all of our dreams, not just our professional ones.

That belief has always been important to Bishop Ranch and will continue to guide us through the next phase of our evolution in San Ramon. We hope you’ll join us as we envision a new way to work in the Bay Area.

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Bishop Ranch: The New Work Dictionary

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Bishop Ranch: The New Work Dictionary

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